Discover TRP Cast Brake Drum Features

Brake parts need to be replaced several times during ownership of your vehicle. The TRP line of brake products, including brake drums, are premium-quality products that fit the budget of every fleet.

TRP brake drums are produced by the leading US wheel-end manufacturer. This manufacturer produces more drums and hubs than any other brand and is standard on more original equipment manufacturer (OEM) trailers than any competitor.

TRP Brake Drum Features

TRP brake drums provide the quality and value you need in a vital brake system component. They are an excellent choice for many standard-duty, over-the-road drive and trailer axle applications. Features and benefits of TRP brake drums include:

  • Made from high-grade cast iron for long service life
  • QS9001 rating controls ensure consistent machining and metallurgical quality
  • Conforms to SAE recommended practices
  • Warranty support

TRP Truck Drum Brakes

TRP offers truck cast brake drums that fit applications from over-the-road to line-haul to specialty.

TRP Trailer Drums

TRP also offers a variety of trailer drums in addition to standard wheel-end products. Like truck drums, TRP trailer drums are cast and machined to the highest standards. Wheel-end components and trailer wheel-end components are frequently purchased together.


Drum Compatibility

To ensure optimum braking, drums should always be replaced as a set on an axle and with compatible components. Brake compatibility means that each brake on each wheel will perform equally, doing its fair share of the work, to effectively produce a balanced and controlled stop. Proper matching of brake assemblies will result in:

  • Maximum stopping performance
  • Longer service life between overhauls
  • Lower maintenance costs