TRP Fenders – Quality and Value to Meet Your Needs

TRP provides customers with a varied portfolio of fender styles for trucks and trailers. TRP Fenders are high quality, produced using state-of-the-art tooling, leading-edge quality systems, and the latest manufacturing methods. TRP provides customers with exceptional value at a competitive, often significantly lower, price than many lesser-quality aftermarket offerings. With a wide array of choices, customers are likely to find a TRP Fender well-suited to their application and budget.

Explore TRP Fender Options

  • Poly Tandem Fenders
    • Long-lasting, lightweight, high-density polyethylene construction
    • Stippled-grain finish that protects against scratching and marring
    • Lifetime warranty
  • Quarter Fenders
    • Poly - 24 inches wide
    • Stainless-steel options available in full braced, half braced, braceless, low mount, and longer lengths
    • Bulk options available in stainless steel or polyethylene
  • Lowrider Stainless Fenders
    • 24 inches wide
    • 2-inch rolled edge
    • Low profile gives them a custom, updated appearance
  • Refuse Fenders
    • Available in two- and three-piece designs for tandem and tri-axle applications
    • Long-lasting, lightweight, high-density polyethylene construction
    • Corrosion and UV light resistant; easy to clean and maintain
    • Lifetime warranty
  • Super Single Fenders
    • 19 inches wide
    • Available in quarter-fender, half-tandem, full-tandem, and single-axle configurations