Protect Your Engine with TRP Coolant

Trucks need a properly functioning cooling system to stay on the road. Issues with cooling systems are one of the most common causes of engine failures. Cooling systems need proper antifreeze and coolant (AFC) to function at the optimum temperature. TRP® offers a number of coolant options that will fit your trucks’ needs.

TRP Extended Life Coolants

Extended Life Coolants (ELCs) contain no silicates. They help reduce maintenance costs, water pump failures, hard water scale deposits, and silicate gel (or “green goo”). They also use nitrites and other chemicals to protect against pitting corrosion damage and eliminate the need for supplemental additives.

TRP Extended Life Coolant is the most advanced cooling technology available today. ELCs, as their name implies, are formulated to provide better performance protection for today’s heavy-duty trucks and can last at least 600,000 on-highway miles in Class 8 trucks with proper monitoring.

TRP Extended Life Coolant Nitrite Free

TRP Extended Life Coolant Nitrite Free (ELC NF) is formulated to meet even more severe operating conditions of modern, hotter-running engines. Nitrites can react with aluminum to create damage-causing ammonia, which can increase the risk of cooling system failure. Nitrite-free coolants provide improved protection of aluminum components commonly found in newer trucks, including modern brazed aluminum heat exchangers, and they meet many of the latest OEM specifications.

This coolant is specifically formulated to extend coolant operating life for up to 1.2 million on-highway miles. This significantly reduces maintenance, repair, and downtime costs by keeping your customers up and running.

Coolant Maintenance Tips

  • It is a good practice to check the coolant every time you change the oil or conduct preventive maintenance.
  • Drivers may want to consider carrying a gallon of the proper premixed coolant for their truck while on the road.
  • Remember, don’t mix coolants. Different types of coolant protect your engine from corrosion uniquely.
  • Nitrites can cause pitting corrosion in the aluminum parts found in newer engines. ELC NF coolant is specifically formulated to protect against this type of damage.